About Us - HorizonOne Royalty Corporation
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About Us


Throughout our careers, we have seen first-hand the merits of providing companies an alternative solution to traditional equity and debt financing in the form of structured royalties. In turn, royalties are attractive investments that generate pure free cash flow absent many business risks (eg. cost increases/overruns, capital misallocation, environmental) and require no further capital. After ‘doing our homework’, we launched HorizonOne Royalty Corporation with the objective of originating and acquiring a diversified portfolio of lower risk, higher quality structured royalties.

Our Approach

HorizonOne Royalty Corporation is committed to working with business owners to provide long-term, patient capital. We understand that every business is unique, and our financial solutions are customized to meet your needs. We have over 50 years of combined experience in corporate finance, transaction structuring and partnership investing.

Our Team


James Mahoney, President & CEO

  • > 25 yrs, multi-industry private equity, fund management, investment banking & board of directors experience
  • Founder and President of HorizonOne Asset Management, a registered Investment Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager and EMD
  • Prior President, Lehman Brothers Canada; VP and Director, Scotia Capital (Calgary and Toronto); Analyst, Imperial Oil
  • CFA, MBA (Rotman U. Of Toronto), BA (Economics)

David Bell, Executive Vice-President & CFO

  • > 25 yrs, multi-industry private equity & investment banking experience
  • Prior Managing Director, Infrastructure Private Equity Fund; VP, Lehman Brothers Canada and NM Rothschild & Sons (Canada)
  • CFA, MBA (Rotman U. Of Toronto), BBM

Board of Directors

  • James Mahoney
  • Gord Reese, VP Business Development, InPlay Oil Corp. (prior CEO, Invicta Energy)
  • Martin Braun, Senior Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager, JC Clark Ltd. (prior Hedge Fund manager/owner; and Portfolio Manager & Partner, Gluskin Sheff)
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